Return of the Planeswalker (MTG #3) (Serious Geek Alert)

I have previously posted about Magic: The Gathering Here and Here.


To summarize, I wanted to get back in, like any addict, but had to get rid of my Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection before I could. A local game shop was pricing them out and told me they would call me when they'd gone through and estimated how much they'd give me for them.

That was this past Saturday.




The long and the short of it was that I got a $250 store credit for them and turned around and immediately blew it on MTG cards. I bought a box of booster packs, a deck builder kit, some loose booster packs and 2 things called Fat Packs [which I had no idea exactly what they were but they were different and interesting]. All in all I ended up with some where around 1000 cards. Much more manageable than 10,000!





So this week I have been very slowly opening the various items, sorting them by color [MTG is based on the 5 colors of Black, Blue, Green, Red and White and then colorless Artifacts] and alphabetizing them and storing them in my binders. Another thing I have started is a spreadsheet, marking what I own, how many, from which set, if it is in a deck or binder, how much it is worth, etc. Laying the groundwork for if I want to sell these cards in the future.




So that has been going on. Couple that with my 2 1/2 years here at Booklikes where, for the most part, I have been active every day, whether posting, liking, commenting, and more recently, doing Librarian edits and working on the database. The upshot is that I am finding that my hobby of reading is turning into something a bit more than a hobby. It is becoming a chore.




To counter that, I have decided to give time to my new hobby of card collecting/playing. I don't want to burn out when it comes to reading. So I am deliberately slowing my reading down. I am not stopping, but if you visit my Home Page not only will you see a pretty picture in the background, but over on the right you'll see the books I am Currently Reading. I want to finish those books up before I get back to reading full throttle again. I will be finishing up The Executioner series by Don Pendleton as well, since they are small books and I can read one of those in a Saturday afternoon.




So my activity will be a bit different here than it has previously. Not so many reviews, not quite so active [don't take it personally if I don't "like" your review] and probably not so many overall posts. But I will not be dead or leaving :-)





I am trusting that with a good break things will go back to the way they were previously. However, that is not set in stone. Maybe I need to change how I read and review? That is what I am going to be finding out in the next couple of weeks.  Thank you for your time and attention. Now back to your regularly scheduled programs.